Golden Corral buffet price 2022: Take a look at Golden Corral’s current food specials

One of the primary benefits of buffet-style catering is its ability to please a crowd. This makes them a solid contender for couples serving dinner with their dozens, if not hundreds, of wedding guests, as well as family parties and corporate events. Buffet catering offers a lot of variety when compared to plated dinners. Multiple salads, sides and protein options to choose from attract guests with specific diets or food allergies.

With plated meals, every guest receives the same amount of food, which can cause some guests leaving food behind among others feeling nearly full. A buffet lets guests choose not only the sort of food they’re interested in, but also the quantity of food they’re going to consume. While this might mean slightly more food needs to be provided, a well-planned buffet often means less food waste by the end of the night.

Creative Buffet Menus

Deciding on a buffet-style catered meal over plated or family-style catering will not mean serving your guests a less flavorful or creative menu. Because buffets are a convenient, crowd-pleasing option, many caterers excel at providing a buffet menu your guests will rave about for months to come. For more detail please visit, Golden Corral prices

American South Buffet

For everyday receptions and relaxed family parties, the delightful comfort food of the American South makes a great buffet. A Cobb salad, mac ‘n cheese, green bean salad and BBQ will appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

Asian Buffet

Put in a unique touch to a corporate event or family gathering with an Asian buffet menu. A chopped salad dressed with orange slices, crispy wontons, cashews and sesame soy dressing pairs with lo mein, stir fry and Korean BBQ.

Mexican Taco Bar

Make the next lunch meeting a taco Tuesday fiesta! Guests will love this creative buffet catering. A southwestern salad, taco dip and everything the taco fixings (Mexican rice, flour tortillas, seasoned chicken plus more) are included on this menu.

Hit it and quit it. Once you bunch at the meals bar, nab a seat as a long way away from it since you can. Studies show that the greater distance there is certainly between you and a stockpile of edibles, the not as likely you are to get right up for seconds, or crave more. (The mere knowing of a food being in your midst makes us want to consume it, even if we’re already full.) If it’s extremely hard to stay away from more food, try positioning yourself nearer to the salad bar than the dessert trays, since we have a tendency to consume more of whatever’s conveniently at your fingertips. At the very least, face from the buffet – one study shows this also aids in curbing excess consumption.